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Christening gifts should last. They should be timeless. When you give a present to your goddaughter, you should give her something that in 20 years, 40 or even 60 years time she will still cherish … This can hardly be said for some of the trendy plastic gewgaws on offer today. Go traditional not trendy – you know it makes sense.

Anyway, enough of the Grumpy Godfather’s favourite rant. Here’s something I came across recently – the perfect gift for a goddaughter that can sit on her dressing table for years to come.

Brush and Comb Christening Gift


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Some more thoughts on that all important speech (see August 15th) … before you disappear into the corner for a fortifying snifter of medium dry sherry:

5) If it’s a girl, do not fall into an easy trap … beware of the old chestnut “Let’s hope she ends up with her mother’s looks and her father’s brains and let’s pray she doesn’t end up with the opposite” … the silence will be deafening. In these politically correct times, where women wear the trousers and us chaps aren’t allowed to leave the seat up after having a pee, the only acceptable variation of this line is:

“Little Chloe will be blessed if she ends up with the good looks of her mother and the intelligence of … her mother… ” howls of laughter, Germaine Greer feels vindicated and all the chaps understand completely where you are coming from.

Now you can retire for that medium dry sherry and get collared by Great Aunt Maude and her stole made from a dead fox.

See Christening Toasts for more ideas

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