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I really do dread this time of year. Not only am I exposed to an excess of my mother-in-law, whose mild insanity becomes more pronounced each Christmas, I also suffer severe bank related stress due to the legion of godchildren I have been lumbered with over the last couple of decades … each of the little blighters seems to expect a seasonal yuletide prezzie from yours truly. I used to leave this rather onerous task to the lady wife, but she went on strike a few years ago after we received a text one Christmas which simply read; “Tx 4 prznt – nxt yr cash is fine”

With boys and girls of so many different ages to cater for, choosing the right prezzie can be a pain in the proverbial … until I hit on a cunning plan – buy them all exactly the same thing every year. Basically collect a set of something (anything) for them a piece at a time. Start a canteen of cutlery for when they leave home, collect limited edition pieces (plates, figurines, coins etc) – basically find something that you don’t need o think about year on year … the kids will hate you for it, but the parents seem to appreciate the effort.


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Christening gifts should last. They should be timeless. When you give a present to your goddaughter, you should give her something that in 20 years, 40 or even 60 years time she will still cherish … This can hardly be said for some of the trendy plastic gewgaws on offer today. Go traditional not trendy – you know it makes sense.

Anyway, enough of the Grumpy Godfather’s favourite rant. Here’s something I came across recently – the perfect gift for a goddaughter that can sit on her dressing table for years to come.

Brush and Comb Christening Gift

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I woke up at about three o’clock this morning in a cold sweat. The old pension fund has gone down the tubes over the last week, all my savings are shot … what’s left of them after dishing out copious high quality Christening presents to legions of undeserving little monsters … and the mansion has slipped into negative equity for that added touch of schadenfreude for our smug neighbours in the next valley (sic).

Then, a ray of sunshine came into my blighted world, the heavy cloud of doom shimmered with a silver lining. One problem I had been grappling with was solved. I now knew what I could get young Toby for a Christening gift for next weekend … I could buy him a bank – there are so many around at the moment going for very reasonable prices. All I need to do is choose the nationality … mmmm his mother is Icelandic.

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Here’s an idea for a Christening gift for a boy. You’ve probably thought about tankards, napkin rings or a bible, but have you considered a silver quaich?

“A silver what?” I hear you cry. Well, a quaich, pronounced quake as in earthquake, is a celtic cup that over time has come to represent a “friendship cup”. It is a two-handled shallow cup or bowl that has been used for centuries for toasts at Christenings, Weddings and even Wakes. If you need a Christening gift for a boy, especially if he has Scottish or Irish roots, a Christening gift silver quaich will have more resonance than most trinkets on the market.

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As a godparent, it is sometimes difficult to get the tone right when choosing a Christening gift. You need something that the parents will appreciate and that your godchild will take with them through life. There’s a lot of rather sickly baby gifts out there that I doubt will last and will certainly go out of fashion, but I recently came across these Christening Bibles – something that will last and carry memories for years.

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I’m afraid I’ve got a bit lazy when it comes dishing out the pressies at a Christening. Having found something I like, I usually stick with it. And this is the Christening present I give my godsons on the big day:

Sterling Silver Cups make great Christening gifts for boys

Nice isn’t it.

Buying for a boy is never easy. There’s loads to choose from for girls, with jewellery coming top of the list, but boys are different. You might consider some engraved cufflinks or fall back on such staples as napkin rings or an egg cup, but for me a tankard or cup fits the bill perfectly

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