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Well, the Grumpy Godfather has failed again.

How was I to know that the elegant holiday drinks party we had been invited to by some old friends was also doubling up as a birthday bash “for The Wrinkly Friends” of their 21 year old daughter … I suppose I could be forgiven for not cottoning on to that one. The idea seemed to be that the poor girl gets to have drinks with all her parents’ old cronies before high-tailing it out of there to go to the “real party” with her monosyllabic, rather scrofulous, boy friend at some local den of iniquity.

So, I’m forgiven for not realising it’s the little lady’s birthday party. What I’m not forgiven for is forgetting that I am her godfather. I turn up at the festivities exactly the same way I turned up at the Christening some twenty years earlier … without a present and without a speech prepared … and with distinctly less hair.

A warning to all future godfathers: Don’t worry about that Christening Speech, you’ve got at least 42 presents to find in the next few years and another speech to come.


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